Title 1

Title 1 reading is a supplemental program funded by an annual grant from the Federal government. Schools are allocated funds which are determined by the census, and by the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch program. The aim of our program is to provide students with targeted  help in their areas of weakness, bringing their skills on par with their peers. Instruction occurs in small groups of 2-4 students, sometimes in the classroom or in the Title 1 classroom. Title 1 group time is designed so students do not miss any classroom instruction. 

This year the primary focus of Title 1 will be to provide support in Math in grades 3-6 since this a a general area of weakness. Mrs. Titone will be providing the mathematics support in small pullout groups which are not scheduled during their regular math instruction. Mrs. Passanisi, as our full time reading teacher, will continue to support students who need some additional help in reading either in small pullout groups or in the classroom.               
In the summer, there will be a math and reading program support for students. Mrs. Passanisi and Mrs. Titone will contact parents directly to ask for permission for their child to attend. 

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Mrs. Passanisi

 Mrs. Titone