The Extended Day Program at Chester Academy

The Extended Day Program Description
The optional Extended Day program is offered for kindergarten students at Chester Academy to provide parents with extended day care at the school after their child attends the morning kindergarten program.  This program was created at the request of parents to keep their child in the same building for the day.  Children attend the Kindergarten School Program from 8:20-11am and then will transition to the Extended Day Program for 11am to 3pm. 

Children may take the bus to and from school. They must be met at the bus stop each day by an adult unless they have a sibling in third grade or higher who can walk them home. Students may also be picked up as commuters at the end of the school day by parents either by waiting in the Commuter Line or meeting them on the sidewalk.

Program Enrollment and Cost

The program is funded entirely by tuition and is not subsidized by the regular school budget. Please contact Mrs. Howard at 603-887-3621 x 302 for enrollment details and tuition information.