Teacher Pages

Grade level web pages and faculty email addresses can be accessed from the table below. 

Students in grades 5-8 can access the most up to date information via Google Classroom.
Parents may also be able to access information about their academic progress in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Mrs. Serranoserranop@chesteracademy.org 
Ms. Kendall kendallm@chesteracademy.org 
Mrs. Serrano serranop@chesteracademy.org
Grade 1
Mrs. Mitchell mitchellm@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Fowler fowlerj@chesteracademy.org
Ms. Kilpatrick kilpatrickk@chesteracademy.org
Grade 2
Mrs. Duhaime duhaimej@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Leslie lesliea@chesteracademy.org
Ms. Marshall marshalln@chesteracademy.org
Grade 3
Mrs. Bento bentot@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Freiburger freiburgerd@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Fontaine fontainea@chesteracademy.org
Grade 4
Mrs. Fuccillo fuccillok@chesteracademy.org
Ms. Tinkham tinkhama@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Bergeron bergeronr@chesteracademy.org

Grade 5 
Mrs. True  truek@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Haggart  haggartd@chesteracademy.org
Mr. Basso  bassoj@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Campo  campoa@chesteracademy.org
 Grade 6
Mrs. Titone  titonek@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Dumont  dumontj@chesteracademy.org
Ms. Cote  cotes@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Foley  foleyk@chesteracademy.org
Grade 7
Mrs. Sandz  sandzd@chesteracademy.org
Ms. Small  smallr@chesteracademy.org
Ms. Nelson  nelsonl@chesteracademy.org
 Grade 8
Ms. Cleveland  clevelandr@chesteracademy.org
Mr. Lubatti  lubattir@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Donohue  donohueb@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Wamsley  wamsleyd@chesteracademy.org