Teacher Pages

Classroom web pages and faculty email addresses can be accessed from the table below. Updated homework assignments and other classroom information can be found on classroom web pages.  To access a classroom web page, please click on the classroom teacher's name.

Students in grades 5-8 can access the most up to date information via Google Classroom.
Parents may also be able to access information about their academic progress in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
Kindergarten Grade 5
Ms. Kendall kendallm@chesteracademy.org Mrs. True truek@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Serrano serranop@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Haggart haggartd@chesteracademy.org
Grade 1 Mr. Basso bassoj@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Grady gradyk@chesteracademy.org

Mrs. Mitchell mitchellm@chesteracademy.org Grade 6
Mrs. Fowler fowlerj@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Titone titonek@chesteracademy.org
Grade 2 Mrs. Horsfall horsfalll@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Duhaime duhaimej@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Kearney kearneym@chesteracademy.org
Ms. Kilpatrick kilpatrickk@chesteracademy.org Grade 7
Mrs. Leslie lesliea@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Sandz sandzd@chesteracademy.org
Grade 3 Mr. Barbour barbourg@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Bento bentot@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Nelson nelsonl@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Freiburger freiburgerd@chesteracademy.org Grade 7&8
Mrs. Fontaine fontainea@chesteracademy.org Miss Cleveland clevelandr@chesteracademy.org
Grade 4 Mr. Lubatti lubattir@chesteracademy.org
Ms. Dugan duganm@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Dumont dumontj@chesteracademy.org
Miss Tinkham tinkhama@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Noelle noellek@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Fuccillo fuccillok@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Wamsley wamsleyd@chesteracademy.org
Integrated Arts Foreign Language
Mrs. Richardson, Media richardsonm@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Glynn glynnr@chesteracademy.org
Mr. N. Johnson, PE johnsonn@chesteracademy.org Technology
Mr. Jacobs, PE jacobsd@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Farrenkopf farrenkopft@chesteracademy.org
Mr. Von Oeyen, Music vonoeyenm@chesteracademy.org Enrichment
Mrs. Vanderhoek, Music vanderhoekb@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Zofrea zofreap@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Blanchette, Art blanchettel@chesteracademy.org Reading
Mr. L. Johnson, Art johnsonl@chesteracademy.org Mrs. Fawcett fawcettl@chesteracademy.org
Mrs. Milardo, Health milardoh@chesteracademy.org    

 Other Staff      
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