About Chester Academy

School Description
Chester Academy is a K-8 grade school of 520 students, located 20 miles east of Manchester. The school serves students from the small, rural town of Chester and in fact, is the only school in town. Chester Academy students attend Pinkerton Academy High School in Derry, New Hampshire.


The Chester School District, as the Education Leader of our community, will ensure that all students acquire knowledge and develop skills and work habits that enable them to compete successfully in a diverse, global community.


Chester School District personnel shall empower all students to prepare themselves for their future through individual engagement, promotion of self-confidence, and the development of leadership and problem-solving skills. 


This mission is best accomplished when all school personnel recognize and address the individual needs

of all students, maintain challenging expectations for the students, seek student engagement, create a

positive climate, ensure a safe and orderly school environment, monitor student progress on a frequent

basis, and promote effective school-community involvement.

Karen Lacroix

Ann Gaffney
Assistant Principal

Lauren Mercier
Director of Student Affairs