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Our Mission...
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The Chester Academy Parent Teacher Association's mission is to provide support for cultural and educational programs by engaging and empowering all family, school, and community members in order to aid every child in reaching his/her potential.

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                            REACHING POTENTIAL
                            ENGAGING EVERYONE                       

What We Do...
The Chester Academy PTA is a non-profit organization driven by volunteers that seeks to strengthen and support the
environment at Chester Academy.  The PTA leverages the strengths of parents, academic administrators and community
volunteers to provide our children with the resources and opportunities that they need to succeed.  See our Events page
for a list of th
e programs & events sponsored by the PTA.

For every event that the PTA hosts, there are three critical elements needed for success: 
  • Membership
  • Donations
  • Volunteers
There are many ways to contribute to the PTA.  Your involvement can be as simple as membership dues or as much as
volunteering. We value your time, monthly meetings are not mandatory.

Watch our video for a glimpse into what the PTA does!